Integrity: All staff, board members, and volunteers of Team 36 act honestly and fairly when fulfilling their duties, making decisions and forming policy, managing the organization’s finances, or serving as representatives of the organization.

Accountability: All staff, board members, and volunteers of Team 36 accept personal responsibility for their actions and honor commitments made; accountability also includes the importance of transparency and compliance with policies and procedures.

Diversity: Team 36 is committed to diversity of race, ethnicity, experience, perspective, and socioeconomic background in staff, board members, volunteers, and participants; it endeavors to develop and maintain an internal culture of inclusion and equity.

Empowerment: Team 36 endeavors to empower under served students to respond to challenging tasks with self-confidence; staff and board members model the belief in an individual’s ability to effect change in his or her life plan.

Community and Campus Partnerships: Team 36 recognizes the importance of effective collaboration with partner organizations and leveraging community-university partnerships to engage college students in tutoring and mentoring high school students.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Team 36 is committed to using research and data to guide the organization in decision-making, setting and prioritizing goals and objectives, curriculum development, and evaluating Team 36’s progress and success in fulfilling its mission.