Team Members

Board of Directors

Edy Dingus – Vista Leader, University of Mississippi

Kerri J. Hame, PhD, MPA – Independent Scholar

Caleb Herod – Project Manager for Extended Learning Initiatives, Delta Health Alliance

Mandy Perryman, PhD – Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, University of Mississippi

Elizabeth Ritter – Lawyer

Ryan Upshaw – Assistant Dean for Student Services, University of Mississippi, School of Engineering

Deetra Wiley – Systems Analyst/Business Communication Specialist, University of Missisippi



Louise Vigeant has over ten years of experience working in higher education. She was the Head of Studies: Social Sciences at Amsterdam University College, where she oversaw the growth of the department and designed the academic advising system of the college. More recently, Louise taught courses on critical thinking, applied ethics, and human rights as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Mississippi.


Team 36 Leaders

The success of our program would be impossible without the hard work of our Team 36 leaders. Volunteering both their time and expertise, they are committed to making university a reality for every high school student in Mississippi.

University of Mississippi (2016 – 2017): Mary Katherine Barry, Austin Bradley-Tillett, Sara Butts, Marjorie Cox, Abby Cummings, David Hamidy, Shelby Knighten, Luke Lee, Benjamin Logan, Holly McGinnis, Sarah Moncrief, Karson Nelson, Gregory Parker, Emily Reynolds, Kameron Shook, Savannah Smith, Austin Spindler.

University of Mississippi (2015 – 2016): Maggie Conerly, Brenna Ferrell, David Hamidy, Anna Claire Kelly, Shelby Knighten, Luke Lee, Benjamin Logan, Lindsay Parker, Emily Reynolds, Paige Stolen.