Typical test preparation programs either provide long term tutoring in core subjects over an extended period of time or offer a short workshop on specific skills. The first is resource intensive and so, not available to students in under resourced high schools, while the second rarely focuses on the skills needed by these students. Team 36 is different. Our courses are carefully tailored to the needs of our students, providing an effective and scalable alternative.

Our introductory course focuses on three central skills: 1) understanding the structure of the test; 2) mastering basic test-taking strategies; 3) developing a personalized study plan. We only use freely available study material, making it easy to implement in any environment.

Our advanced course brings students together in small groups to implement these study plans and incorporates peer-to-peer mentoring, an effective and efficient way to learn. It is here that we teach best practice in test preparation, while using extremely low cost materials.

This makes us unique in the field of test preparation. We focus on the skills necessary to raise scores with minimal resources and maximum results. We currently offer our courses in partner high schools and are developing a web version of our introductory course.

We are committed to offering these courses for free because we believe that the ACT should not be a barrier to college for any student in Mississippi.