Team 36 has worked with over 300 students during the last two years in high schools in Batesville, Bruce, Coffeeville, Marks, and Water Valley. We also launched our first workshop in Marks in 2018, mentoring over 35 students.

Students who complete our advanced course typically see a one to two point increase when compared to their peers. Students who continue to use our method after the course has ended have the potential to receive even higher scores. These gains are crucial. University acceptance hinges on achieving the minimum score of 16, while scholarships – a vital source of funding – require even higher scores.

The impact of our program, however, does not stop with the initial score on the ACT. By carefully modelling how to study effectively, Team 36 equips students with the skills they need to continue raising their scores. Students report that after completing our advanced course that they are overwhelming likely to use a study plan to study for the ACT. Mastery of this skill is the key to their future success.

Our twin focus on increasing scores and teaching effective study skills is changing what it means to prepare for the ACT in Mississippi.