Team 36 provides ACT test preparation workshops to over 100 students per year in area high schools. Our workshops provide students with crucial information about the content and structure of the test as well as key test-taking skills that they will need to raise their scores.  They are taught by a near-peer — a university student — an essential ingredient to our success since high school students are more likely to take the advice and guidance of near-peer seriously.

Students who complete our workshops consistently report an increased understanding of the ACT as well as more confidence to prepare for the test. The impact of our program, however, does not stop at the end of our workshops. By carefully modelling how to study effectively, Team 36 equips students with the skills they need to continue raising their scores. Mastery of this skill is the key to their future success.

We also began providing ACT test preparation workshops to teachers throughout North Mississippi in 2019. We focus on the information that teachers need to improve the scores of students who currently score below the state average, emphasizing the latest research on how students learn best and translating these techniques to test preparation in the classroom.

Teachers who have completed our training workshop identify our focus on specific learning techniques as particularly useful. We increase their general understanding of how to translate learning research into ACT test preparation techniques as well as their knowledge of the content and structure of the test.