In 2019, the average ACT score in Mississippi was 18.4, well below the national average of 20.7. High schools in under resourced communities in Mississippi often fare worse, averaging only 15 to 16.

Low scores are a serious problem. Although they do not tell us whether a student will actually finish college and receive a degree, they will prevent a student from starting. Low scores also limit access to scholarships and other funding as well as selective university programs.

Team 36 is dedicated to solving this problem. We offer free, effective ACT test preparation workshops and courses to students in under resourced communities across North Mississippi as well as teaching resources that target those who score at or below the state average.

Our workshops and courses focus on the most important information: 1) what is on the ACT; 2) how to manage time effectively; 3) test-taking strategies to increase scores. Using university volunteers to teach, we leverage the “near peer effect” to enhance the impact on scores.

We are currently transitioning our ACT test preparation course online. Designed to improve the scores of students who score at or below the state average, this live, online course targets the specific skills and information they need. Our course will be available to partner high schools and organizations across North Mississippi in the fall of 2020.

Team 36 also works with teachers to improve ACT test preparation instruction in the classroom. Visit our teaching resources page to find out more about our video series, study guides, and lesson plans for use in the classroom.